1969 Ferrari 365 GTC

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Introduced late in 1968 as a replacement for the 330 GTC and first shown to the public at Geneva in early 1969. Cosmetically it was very similar to the 330, the only visual difference being that the vents on the 365 moved from the wings to the bonnet. There was however much improvement under the bonnet. The engine was enlarged to 4.4 litres, which gave noticeably more torque and horsepower (up to 320hp) Less obvious to the eye were the refinements made to the drive train that achieved a marked reduction in cabin noise, a sign that Ferrari understood that the lucky 365 GTC customers valued comfort as well as high performance.

While registered ‘NMW 25G’, chassis 12107 is believed to have been the subject in May 1969 of Autocar magazine’s full road test. One of just 22 right-hand drive examples, ‘12107’ was built in January 1969 and originally ordered and collected from the factory via Rob Walker Garages, in the original specification of Grigio Mahmoud with blue leather upholstery, chassis 12107 is one of just 22 right hand drive examples and is believed to have been the subject in May 1969 of Autocar magazine’s full road test.

Its first owner Mr. RHS Bellhouse kept the car until March 1974 when it was sold to one of the more popular characters of the classic car world, Alexander Fyshe. In his tenureship, which lasted nearly 35 years, the enthusiastic Fyshe participated in many tours and rallies including the Tour d’Espagne and the Classic Malts to name a few.

The present owner purchased the car in 2008 and since then it has been the subject of extensive restoration, both mechanically and cosmetically. The engine has been fully rebuilt by Neil Twyman, the body and chassis were entrusted to Mototechnique and the interior by O’Rorke trimmers. It has also been given red book certification by Ferrari. There is also a set of alloy wheels that accompany the car.

The Autocar report in May 1969 summarises with:
"As far as fundamentals go, and the 365 GTC is tremendously dynamic in each department, the Ferrari lived up to every expectation and even exceeded our wildest hopes…it never fails to impress the driver, passengers, by-standers, executive chairmen and above all, cognoscente and enthusiasts."





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